Type of Filtration Systems

14 Jul

Type of Filtration Systems

Overflow Type

It is also known as a deck level pool. The perimeter of the pool is surrounded by an overflow channel. The water line is level with the edge of the pool and overflows into this channel.

This system requires a balancing tank to balance the water flow.

Skimmer Type

Skimmer takes water from the pool for cleaning and disinfection to pump and filter. In this type of pool, the water sits approx. 4 inches below the edge of the pool. So there is a gap between the top of the pool and the water.

Pipeless Filter

It is also known as a wall hanging pool filtration system. It doesn’t have any requirement of plant room and complicated piping for swimming pool filtration system. It has an inbuilt filtration system that includes a pump and a filter unit that is easy to install and operate & maintain.