Water Features

The range of water features provides an attractive as well as practical addition to any water body. They can be adapted to blend in harmoniously with your pool and its surroundings to create a perfect pool environment.


Quolike is a manufacturer of a wide range of artificial waterfall, natural rock waterfall, stone & Boulder waterfall in RCC, GRC & FRP material. Quolike’s skilled craftsman design waterfall in such a way that gives natural touch and emulates relaxing sound of falling water.


Quolike has perfect combination of water, lights, color & technology for the indoor and outdoor fountain design. We have years of experience installing fountains in water bodies, gardens, pools, pond, commercial places etc. We deal in water curtains, static fountains, geyser jet, foam jet, sheet water jet, finger jet, aerator jet, column jet, fan jet, hollow jet, laminar jet etc.

Artificial Pond

Transform your landscape with an elegant water feature from Quolike’s Custom build Pond. These include fish pond; garden pond & waterfalls pond. It can be designed specifically to promote health and growth of fish and aesthetic look. Our team are capable of designing these ponds in a variety of shapes, dimensions and colors in FRP and natural stone.

We are dealing in excellent pond equipment’s like pond liner, pond skimmer, pond filter, aeration, UV clarifier to create a natural pond ecosystem.

Zoo Aquatic Exhibits

Aquatic exhibit made to building attractions with water. We design, installation, and manage all aspects of custom aquarium projects and we provide support in sketch drafting, auto CAD design, MEP work, filtration system, lighting, glass or acrylic panel installation and theming coordination i.e., in selection of sculptures, stone, rockwork, plants and unique landscaping items.

Pond Aeration

Aeration is the process of adding oxygen to water. Proper aeration is needed to obtain expected production and. Different types of bottoms up and surface aeration systems work to keeping t ponds healthy and clean.

Healthy water should generally have dissolved oxygen concentrations above 6.5-8 mg/L.

Paddle Wheel Aerator

Surface aeration will aerate 1-2 feet deep from the pond surface they do not aerate down to the bottom of the pond where oxygen is needed most.

Air Blower Aerator

Bottom-up Aeration systems are 2-3 times more effective than surface aeration. These systems work by compressing oxygen and pumping it into the water through diffusers that lie at the bottom of a pond, lake, or dugout. Small bubbles are diffused into the deepest section of the pond, and as they rise up the water column, oxygen is transferred across the surface of the bubbles and into the water. We prefer Twin & Tri Lobe type roots blower for aeration system.