Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is place for Healthy Family, Fun, Socializing and Its always keep you trendy in luxury. We are turn key project management and equipment supplier for residential as well as commercial pools. Our philosophy is “built each pool as is going in our own backyard”.

We care about aesthetics, technology & safety, which is why our pools use the latest technologies available across the globe to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our esteemed clients.

1) FRP Liner Swimming Pool

FRP pools or Fiberglass pools are now a day trending option in prefab swimming pool due to cost effectiveness & durability compare to conventional concrete pool. FRP pool can save cost up to 30-40% compare to concrete pool and Quolike provide 20 years of warranty for FRP panel. In vinyl liner pool you just need to do excavation, soling, pcc and brickwork around the pool panels only. FRP liner pools can be supply in parts of peace’s on site that’s form a pools structure. Geo textile and liner/membrane installed on pcc bottom as well as frp panel walls within 2-3 days at any ware in backyards. Most notable advantage is that there is no need any RCC, Waterproofing, Plasteringand Tiling.

Quolike is a supplier of high-quality 1.5-2 mm thick PVC liners which is resistant to UV Rays, Bacteria, Fungus, Static Electricity and Its flexible with Indian weather conditions.

2) Container Swimming Pool

Quolike has the proven track record of design, manufacturing and installation of container pool for world biggest zoo project. We are supplier of above the ground container swimming pool with inbuilt filtration and lighting system. Quolike make container pool with robust GI structure, Transparent Toughened Glass and Mosaic Flooring for the better cleaning accessibility.

3) Glass Wall Swimming Pool

Glass walled and acrylic panel pools have been increasing popularity in recent years for a great stylish and modern look to luxury. Glass walled pool introduces natural light and gives you the ability to see through walls. Quolike design swimming pool with proper engineering of glass thickness and waterproofing.

4) RCC (Concrete) Swimming Pool

Concrete is the most common material used to construct swimming pool. RCC pool has limitless option for the designing purpose and customized with desirable water features. We can expect at least 10-15 years of life span of concrete pool with proper maintenance. RCC pool structure is suitable for Overflow, Skimmer and Pipe less type of filtration system.

5) Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy is a proven rehabilitation technique for lower back pain, Knee injuries, Joint replacements, Upper-extremity injuries, and other ailments. Quolike take a unique approach to develop hydrotherapy pool with understanding exact requirement from the clients and help to recover injury with pressurized water system and hot water therapy. We also provide “Counter Current System” or “Endless Pool” for the better practice with opposite water flow which can help swimmer to stable swimming position in small area when space is constraint

6) Water Massage System (Jacuzzi)

Through in-depth consultations and site visits, our swimming pool experts take on the challenge of putting everything in order for you. In addition to residential swimming pool design, we also create water massage system (Jacuzzi) based on your lifestyle.


7) Swimming Pool Waterfall & Fountain

Quolike is a manufacturer of a wide range of artificial waterfall, natural rock waterfall, stone & Boulder waterfall in RCC, GRC & FRP material.Quolike’s skilled craftsman design waterfall in such a way that gives natural touch and emulates relaxing sound of falling water.Quolike has perfect combination of Water, Lights, Color &Technology for the indoor and outdoor fountain design. We have years of experience installing fountains in Water Bodies, Gardens, Pools, Pond, Commercial Places etc.

Water Curtains, Static Fountains, Geyser Jet, Foam jet, Sheet Water jet, Finger jet, Aerator jet, Column jet, Fan jet, Hollow jet, Laminar jet etc.

8) Swimming Pool Filtration

Dust and debris fall into your pool water or are blown in by the wind or gets carried in by bathers. The job of the pool filtration system is to get that dirt out and helps leave your pool water sparkling and clear. We undertook the entire works from construction to the Water treatment, Heating and Lighting system. We Quolike care as much about the heart of swimming pools, Filtration system.

9) Swimming Pool Pipe less Filter

Pipe less filter or an integrated swimming pool filter is compact readymade one-piece equipment for pool filtration.
Its wall mount and wall hanging filter. It can be easily mounted on any existing pool.There is no necessity for any further equipment like Skimmers, Balancing Tanks, Filter Room or Plumbing System for water filtration and circulation

Model QL-21
Dimension 1590L×690W×1120H
Pump 1.5 HP
Power Supply 220 V /50 Hz
Filter Cartridge
Flow Rate 21 m3/hr
LED Light 27 Watt
Illumination Area 30×15 Sq. Ft
Swim Jet 3
Vacuum Point 1
Drain Point 1
Colour White
Material FRP


10) Swimming Pool Dosing System

Swimming pool water treatment involves correction of pH, control of chlorine residual for disinfection and UV for chloramine reduction. For the pool dosing system two chemical tank require for chlorin and acid (HCL).Dosing pump operate in range of 0-10 LPH as per the set speed and lift the chemicals from the tank to filtration system. In case of the automatic dosing system, prob sensor sense the level of required chlorin and acid from the water and dose the chemicals automatically as per the water chemistry.

11) Swimming Pool UV System

For significantly reduce free chlorine concentration and to get rid of Burning and Redness of Eyes, Skin Irritation, Asthma, and Allergies. Ultraviolet or UV is being recognized as a Safer, More Cost Effective and Environment friendly alternative to traditional chlorination and has become the preferred choice for swimming pool treatment worldwide.

UV systems emit high intensity germicidal light that alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of targeted organisms such as Algae, Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and Protozoa.

12) Swimming Pool Ozonation

Ozonation is 3,000 times faster than chlorination in disinfecting water. Chlorine produces chloramines as a byproduct which reduce disinfections and also impact on pH level. Ozon removes chloramines and does not affect pH level. Ozone is created using an ozone generator. This exposes a stream of air to either UV light or to a high voltage electrical discharge, the method known as corona discharge. There are nos of advantages of ozone compare to chlorination. For swimming pools with a water temperature of 28°C an ozone dosage of 0.8 gram per m3 is used.

13) Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Heat pump is highly cost-effective device for swimming pool heating as well as cooling both applications. It’s can rise the pool temperature from ambient to 30°C and maintain the same. Heat pump is highly energy efficient as it’s COP remains 5-7. Means it’s consumed only 1 kW to transfer 5 kW heat while in conventional heater it’s consume 5 kW to transfer 5 kW energy.

14) Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Now enjoy the excellence in pool cleaning with advance technology. Robot can automatically clean your pool very efficiently and there are no any constraints of size and shape. Quolike has wide range of pool robots which can easily clean up to Olympic sized pool. We are the dealer of Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner. Available range in India includes Dolphin X40 Plus for residential pool and Dolphin Wave 75 for commercial pool

15) Counter Current (Endless Pool) System

A counter current unit allows you to swim against the flow to improve fitnessend turn a small domestic pool into the equivalent of an endlesslap pool. Swim jet virtually convert your pool length in toinfinity.Also, Pool can be used for productive Walk, Jog, Swim or Massage.

16) Swimming Pool Cover

We deal in swimming pool cover with heavy two step polymer coating which is highly durable and protect your pool against Heat loss, UV radiation, Leaves and Debris. Save Energy, Time and Money on cleaning and keeps the pool warmer in winter and cold in summer.

17) Swimming Pool Equipment’s

Quolike is supplier of high-quality international standards swimming pool equipment’s which includes Sand Filter, Pump, Cleaning Accessories, Pool Chemicals, Dosing System, Pool Fitting such as Skimmer, Wall Inlets, Floor Inlets, Pool Drain, Ladders, Overflow Gratings, Underwater Lights, etc.

18) Quantum Purifier

Quantum is completely safe and significantly more powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, UV or ozone. Photocatalytic Oxidization has an immensely powerful effect with the ability to instantaneously destroy viruses, bacteria and pathogens, and more astoundingly possessing the ability to convert sun tan oil, urea and other contaminants back in to their harmless molecular form.